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We Know eCommerce

We are a team of ex-Amazon employees and eCommerce experts based in Seattle, Washington with over 30 years of collective experience in industry. After launching multiple brands and consulting numerous brands of various revenue on Amazon, we created this tool to make it easier for you to win on eCommerce.

Over the years, we all compiled our wish lists of stuff we hoped we could do when managing online businesses, but could not find out there. That is when we rolled up our sleeves and decided to build them in-house. This system is fully developed and maintained by our in-house engineers. This makes us very nimble in reacting to changes on platforms.

Hear What Others Say

Daniel J.

Beauty Brand Seller

What sets this one apart is the team behind it. They are a team of ex-Amazon employees who are very responsive and have the knowledge. They have been guiding me through hoops and hurdles of Amazon. I could not triple my business without them.

Christine M.

Amazon Toys Seller

As a small business owner, I have to wear a lot different hats everyday, but this app has been a tremendous help in automating many recurring tasks. After all, I cannot monitor every single item I have on marketplace to ensure continuous content integrity.

Pat Holmes

National Brand

We have a large catalog and tracking every item has been a time-intensive task for my team. I like that this tool gives us all the details we need about lost buybox, yanked offers, and map violations at a fraction of time.

Based in
Pacific Northwest

We are a team of Amazon experts and ex-Amazon employees based in Seattle, Washington. Reach out to us if you have any questions and our team will respond back within 24 hours.