Product Features

All features are available on all pricing tiers

Product Content

Monitor product content
Recomend content improvement
Provide content scorecard

Buybox Health

Track buybox prices
Track offers on product
Suppressed buybox alerts

Rogue Sellers

Monitor sellers of your brand
Track MAP violations
Highlight unauthorized sellers

Product Reviews

View all reviews in one place
Monitor bad customer reviews
Download historical reports

Search Results

Track items on search results
Find competitors advertising
View your advertising effectiveness

Search Rank

View item rank for keyword
Check historical rank of an item
Monitor search rank progress

Competitors Insight

View competitors best sellers
Monitor competitors new items
Track competitors activities

MAP Violations

Monitor MAP violations on products
Get historical MAP violation
Track violating sellers

Content Alerts

ASIN hijack alerts
Content change alerts
Compare historical content

We Monitor and Protect Your Brand Image

Every successful online brand starts with great content. From product images to title, from bullets to keywords, you need to balance an elegant brand representation with sophisticated Amazon A9 search rank algorithm. We constantly check your product pages and score them using our proprietary algorithm, to tell you where you can improve your content.

We also watchdog your product pages against bad actors trying to hijack and compromise your ASINs.

Product Hub Features

  • Two snapshots of product pages in a day
  • Highlight areas of improvement based on Content Score
  • Download data in CSV for further analysis

Your Customer Reviews Organized in an Easy to Analyze Portal

Whether it is a positive review from a brand fanatic, or a negative review with a product improvement tip, we extract them from all your product pages and display them in a digestible and actionable way.

Review Hub Features

  • Monitor bad reviews and take actions quickly
  • Download all reviews in CSV for further investigation

Record Seller Activities on Your Products

Our software tracks buybox prices over time and reports back to you any malicious activities, such as buybox hijacks, MAP violations, and buybox suppression. Any of these events will be detrimental to customer experience, so we will make sure to have our eyes and ears out there for you.

Buybox Monitoring Features

  • Monitor buybox price and historical prices
  • Identify pricing violations and malicious acts
  • Monitor seller activities over time

Automated Digital Shelf Analysis

Where your products show up on search results for top keywords can make or break your online business. Winning the top placement should be your ultimate goal to win online. Our automated algorithms track your keywords and report your product placement for both organic and sponsored search results. This gives you visibility on where you are and where you need to be.

Search Hub Features

  • See where you stack on keyword search results
  • Monitor your competitors advertising effectiveness
  • Download and view historical placement of your products

Scout Your Competitors on Marketplace

Having insight into what your competitors do on marketplace can give your a leg up long term. When you tell the app who your competitor sellers are, we keep an eye on their product offerings, their best sellers, and their new products so you can have visibility into their actions.

Competitor Hub Features

  • Monitor your competitors product offerings
  • Track what product ideas are brought to marketplace
  • Monitor seller activities over time

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Reach out to us if you are not 100% satisfied for a full refund

Starter Plan

$9 /month


14-day money back

  • 20 ASINs
  • 30 Keywords
  • 5 Competitors
  • Two Snapshots a Day
  • All Features Included
  • No Access to Your Account
  • Works with Seller Central ASINs
  • Works with Vendor Central ASINs

Premium Plan

$75 /month


14-Day Money Back

  • 500 ASINs
  • 350 Keywords
  • 50 Competitors
  • Two Snapshots a Day
  • All Features Included
  • No Access to Your Account
  • Works with Seller Central ASINs
  • Works with Vendor Central ASINs

Custom Plan

Call Us

Call Us

Enterprise Customers

  • >500 ASINs
  • >350 Keywords
  • >50 Competitors
  • Multiple Snapshots
  • Custom Features
  • No Access to Your Account
  • Works with Seller Central ASINs
  • Works with Vendor Central ASINs

Hear What Others Say

Daniel J.

Beauty Brand Seller

What sets this one apart is the team behind it. They are a team of ex-Amazon employees who are very responsive and have the knowledge. They have been guiding me through hoops and hurdles of Amazon. I could not triple my business without them.

Christine M.

Amazon Toys Seller

As a small business owner, I have to wear a lot different hats everyday, but this app has been a tremendous help in automating many recurring tasks. After all, I cannot monitor every single item I have on marketplace to ensure continuous content integrity.

Pat Holmes

National Brand

We have a large catalog and tracking every item has been a time-intensive task for my team. I like that this tool gives us all the details we need about lost buybox, yanked offers, and map violations at a fraction of time.

Based in
Pacific Northwest

We are a team of Amazon experts and ex-Amazon employees based in Seattle, Washington. Reach out to us if you have any questions and our team will respond back within 24 hours.